Spatchcock Turkey

No other way to cook a turkey
Prep: 90
Cook: 4
Serves: 8
Entrees and Grill


  • Turkey
  • Brine (get a brine pack, it’s cheaper)
  • Butter


The bird prep

  1. Thaw turkey several days in fridge before big day.
  2. Brine turkey 24 hours ahead.
  3. Perform spatchcock surgery on bird.
  4. Patch dry.
  5. Coat with oil
  6. Season bird

The Grill

  1. Smoke 90 minutes on smoke setting, Lowest.
  2. Smoke 2.5 hours at 225
  3. Mop with garlic butter
  4. Cook at 350 to crisp skin up, just shy of 165 degrees in bird.
  5. Let rest.

Make sure you have some damn good shears for cutting the spine out.